Surveying Stand Telescopic 160 – 250 cm incl. 5/8″ adapter

Art. nr: GMS413

• Surveying Stand Telescopic 160 – 250 cm
• extendable column with wear-resistant mm scale
• extremely stable and less work space
• including 5/8″ thread adapter
• including four M10x75mm concrete screws

720.54$ incl. BTW
595.49$ excl. BTW

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Discover the comfort and adaptability of our telescopic surveying stands, designed with ergonomics in mind. These positions can be easily adjusted to partial working height, making them a perfect companion for precise work on any construction site. The extendable tube features a durable millimeter scale and can be rotated 360 degrees for optimal result and flexibility.

The Surveying Stands are a robust platform designed for the use of surveying and layout tools for surveyors and engineers seeking precision in construction layouts, building inspections and structural calculations. Each Surveying Stand comes complete with a removable 5/8″ screw adapter and four M10x75mm concrete screws for secure attachment to the ground. This monthly system not only provides strong anchorage, but also provides a reliable and stable base for accurate measurements and layout applications.

Extremely stable and less work space
The sturdy construction allows effortless attachment to steel or concrete, providing sturdy and stable support even in challenging environments. The unique advantage lies in eliminating accuracy issues, all within a compact design that takes up less space than traditional tripods.

Removable adapter
Each Surveying Stand comes standard with a removable adapter. This allows for quick and efficient movement of measuring instruments such as total stations, theodolites, EDM devices and laser levels without having to unscrew them. After completing the tasks, you can effortlessly disconnect and safely store your valuable equipment in one step. Efficiency and reliability come together in this advanced Surveying Stand.

Only one-time installation per project, so you can work efficiently and get started quickly. Work extremely stably eliminating accuracy problems. Provide a sturdy base at the right height, that is what the Surveying Stands offer.

Additional information


Surveying Stands



Product number



2 year manufacturer's warranty



Min height

160 cm

Max height

250 cm

Column Stroke

90 cm


16 kg

Load capacity

5 kg

Instrument mounting

including removable adapter (Ø14cm and 5/8" thread)

Product bevestiging

Ground mounting (including 4x concrete screws M10x75)


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