Precision Aluminium Fixed, 800 mm

Art. nr: MQP0800

• Precision Aluminum Fixed
• 80 cm height
• larger leg angle and non-extendable legs
• ideal for measuring arms and other CMMs
• all aluminium

 1,149.50 incl. BTW
 950.00 excl. BTW

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The Precision Tripods from MQ are the best tripods for metrology. Ideal for a wide range of metrological applications, our Precision Tripods are compatible with all types of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), including Laser Trackers, Portable Measuring Arms, 3D Laser Scanners, Industrial Theodolites, and Structured Table Light Scanners. Whether you are conducting dimensional inspections, quality control, or precision mapping, these tripods are engineered to meet the extremely stringent demands of modern metrology.

Extreme Measuring Precision
What sets our Precision Tripods apart is the extraordinary level of accuracy they can deliver. Depending on you device, these tripods boast a remarkable precision of 5 microns at a distance of 5 meters. This level of accuracy ensures that your metrology projects are completed with the utmost precision and reliability, meeting the stringent requirements of industries where precision is paramount.

Introducing the MQ Precision Aluminium Fixed Tripod—crafted with precision from high-quality aluminum. Engineered for stability with robust tubes and non-extensible legs, this tripod provides a reliable foundation. The larger leg angle makes it well-suited for measuring arms, ensuring dependable performance for your precision tasks. With a maximum load capacity of 100kg, this tripod is also suitable for devices or products with high weight requirements. Experience unparalleled stability and reliability with a fixed tripod that sets a benchmark for excellence.

Discover the new standard of precision and innovation. Choose the MQ Precision Tripods that comply with the latest technological advancements in modern coordinate measuring machines and maximize the potential of your device. Whether you work in aerospace, the automotive industry or any other field where precision measurements are curcial, these tripods are your reliable allies in achieving the accuracy that sets you apart form the competition.

Additional information


Precision Tripods


MQ tripods

Product number



2 year manufacturer's warranty


Industry, Metrology

Geschikt voor (product)

Laser trackers, Optical measuring instruments, Portable Measuring Arms



Max height

80 cm


⌀ 125 cm

Opgevouwen lengte

95 cm

Instrument mounting

3 1/2” interface

Middelste kolom




Available feet

Plate feet


1.5 kg

Load capacity

100 kg


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