Machine Control Mast Telescopic with Shock Absorber, 210 – 310 cm, long receiver mount

Art. nr: GMD815L

• Telescopic with wear-resistant millimeter scale
• 210 – 310 cm height
• Mounting of 34 cm
• Equipped with shock absorber
• Mounting with 5/8” thread optional
• sustainable and recyclable

 1,228.15 incl. BTW
 1,015.00 excl. BTW

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Machine Control Masts serve as a support for mounting advanced sensors such as GNSS receivers, laser receivers, and other sensors necessary for accurate positioning and elevation measurements. The use of advanced sensors in conjunction with the machine control mast ensures high precision in determining the location and height of construction machinery.

Extreme Robust
The masts are manufactured with a robust construction, designed for durability, and entirely made from materials resistant to the harsh conditions on construction sites. The Machine Control Masts are optimized to excel in the most challenging conditions and equipped with a shock absorber that keeps them stable and extra resistant to loads, shocks and vibrations.

Easy Height Adjustment
Thanks to their telescopic nature, the masts can be adjusted to the specific height requirements of a project. The tubes are equipped with a wear-resistant millimeter scale, making it easy to set the desired height.

Multi Mounting Options
Our masts o_er various mounting options for sensors, making them compatible with di_erent machine control systems. This provides you with the freedom to choose the most suitable system for your application. The masts are supplied as standard with a mounting of 16 cm or 34 cm, but optionally they can also be equipped with a 5/8″ thread.

Enhance the efficiency of your construction projects and ensure accuracy with our Machine control Masts. Invest in durability and precision – the key to succes in the world of advanced construction technology.

Additional information


Machine Control Masts



Product number



2 year manufacturer's warranty



Min height

210 cm

Max height

310 cm

Column Stroke

100 cm

Instrument mounting

mounting long 34 cm

Product bevestiging

bolts (not included) or welding flange (option)

With Shock Absorber



8 kg

Load capacity

5 kg


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