MQ Heavy Duty Tripods

The MQ Heavy Duty Tripods are perfect for heavier and higher work and offer a lot of stability. These tripods are versatile and are used in many sectors and for various applications. The robust design ensures high stability and the use of high-quality materials makes these tripods very durable and low-maintenance. If stability and a high carrying capacity are important to you, then this is the right tripod! Discover here what makes the Heavy Duty Tripods so unique.


MQ Heavy Duty Tripods

The Heavy Duty Tripods from MQ Statieven are perfect for heavier and higher work and offer a lot of stability. These tripods are used in many sectors and for various purposes. Laser trackers, scanners, construction lasers, theodolites and total stations are some optical measuring instruments for which the tripods are used, among other things. The tripods come in different variants and can be equipped with various options, making the tripod usable for multiple purposes.


Technical specifications

The MQ Heavy Duty Tripods are made of aluminum and come in various variations. The aluminum meets the latest environmental requirements and is made of a high-quality alloy. The tripods are available with a fixed center column, manually adjustable center column and mechanically adjustable center column. The mechanically adjustable center column is adjustable with a self-locking crank drive, allowing it to be set to an accurate height. The tripods with an adjustable center column are equipped with a wear-resistant scale printing in millimeters.

An important feature of the Heavy Duty Tripod is their high degree of stability and ease of use. The tripods have a high degree of torsional stability and the robust legs are supported towards the central tube, which also provides extra stability. The extendable legs are locked with a quick clamp. This quick clamp can be used both left and right and is therefore easy to operate for everyone. Due to the spread limit and the quick clamp, this tripod is quick and easy to set up. The MQ Tripods logo is engraved on the top of the legs.

The tripods can be equipped with various feet (such as plate feet, pointed feet and castor wheels), accessories (such as a spirit level) and adapters. The feet of the tripod can be easily exchanged by screwing them in and out. The tripod head is equipped with a 3-point clamp, so that the adapter can be placed quickly and securely on the tripod. This makes the tripod suitable for various applications and can be used in various locations.



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